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Red Hat Integration

Red Hat Integration empowers developers to create, extend, and deploy container-based integration services across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, to connect and share data between the applications and systems required in a digital world. 

Red Hat CodeReady Studio Documentation

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Red Hat Fuse

Red Hat® Fuse is a lightweight, flexible integration platform that enables rapid integration both on-premise and in the cloud.

Build integration solutions faster.

Red Hat® Fuse is an agile, lightweight, and modern integration platform that enables rapid integration across the extended enterprise, both on-premise and in the cloud. For successful digital transformation, you need an effective, cost-efficient, adaptive, and faster way to integrate applications, data, and devices. Red Hat Fuse Online and Fuse on OpenShift extend your integration capabilities to Red Hat’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, Red Hat OpenShift, to provide integration services in the cloud.

Visual interface in Fuse Online

The Fuse Online interface provides a low-code, browser-based development environment. Business experts can create integrations by dragging and dropping predefined services and integration patterns.

Support for agile integration

Agile integration architecture is flexible and adaptable. Fuse Online supports agile integration through rapid, collaborative development of integration projects, connectivity between cloud, SaaS and on-premise applications, and flexibile deployment to meet changing business requirements.

Focus on OpenShift

Deploy Fuse applications in your on-premises cloud using Fuse on OpenShift and OpenShift Container Platform for increased agility and rapid scalability.

Updated JBoss EAP installation

The Fuse on OpenShift image includes a pre-configured installation of Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP), making it easier to deploy Fuse applications on the JBoss EAP container.

Connector and container choices

Build agile, distributed integrations based on enterprise integrated patterns (EIPs) and more than 200 connectors that are supported by Red Hat Fuse. Choose between several container options to deploy your Fuse applications: Spring Boot, Apache Karaf, and Red Hat JBoss EAP.

Start with Spring Boot

Jump start a Spring Boot integration project by launching the circuit breaker demonstration from the Red Hat Developers web site. Deploy integration functionality as independent, distributed applications for a smaller footprint that works well in a microservices architecture. In standalone mode, you can run the Spring Boot integration directly on a Java virtual machine (JVM).

Red Hat AMQ

Red Hat® AMQ is a lightweight, high-performance, robust messaging platform.

AMQ Broker 7.8

AMQ Broker is a high-performance messaging implementation based on ActiveMQ Artemis. It uses an asynchronous journal for faster message persistence. AMQ Broker supports multiple languages, protocols, and platforms.

Clustering and High Availability

Shared-store or shared-nothing state replication.

Advanced Queueing

Last value queues, message groups, topic hierarchies, and large message support.

Fast, Native-IO Persistence

A fast, native-IO journal or a JDBC-based store.


AMQP 1.0, MQTT, STOMP, OpenWire, and Artemis Core Protocol.

AMQ Interconnect 1.10

The AMQ Interconnect router uses the AMQP protocol to distribute and scale your messaging resources across data centers.

Disaster Recovery

Deploy redundant network routers across geographies.

Advanced Routing

Control the distribution and processing of messages on your network.


Connect clients, brokers, and standalone services

Streamlines Large Deployments

Streamlined management makes large deployments practical.

AMQ Clients 2.9

AMQ emphasizes fast and reliable communication between clients and servers. AMQ Clients supports many widely used languages and platforms and offers SSL/TLS for secure communication, flexible SASL authentication, and automatic reconnect and failover.

AMQ Streams 1.6

Red Hat AMQ Streams, based on the Apache Kafka project, offers a distributed backbone that allows microservices and other applications to share data with extremely high throughput and extremely low latency.

Publish and Subscribe

Many to many dissemination in a fault tolerant, durable manner.

Long-Term Data Retention

Efficiently stores data for immediate access in a manner limited only by disk space.

Replayable Events

Serves as a repository for microservices to build in memory copies of source data, up to any point in time.

Partition Messages for More Horizontal Scalability

Allows for organizing messages to maximum concurrent access.

AMQ Online 1.6

Red Hat AMQ Online is a cloud-native, multi-tenant messaging service that you can provision easily.


Support for multiple security models.

Simple Provisioning

Your messaging is hosted in the cloud as a managed service, and provisioned as you need it.


Scalability, availability, and durability.


Popular industry protocols and APIs, including JMS, STOMP, MQTT, AMQP, and others.